About Us

About the Artist

Louisa Streppa has been traveling and working with Bali artists for more than fifteen years, her love for these creative and spiritual people have been a constant inspiration for her art.  The Bali people believe that art belongs to everyone because it is given to them from their gods.  I am grateful to these loving people for their sharing and for all that I have learned from them.

"I look forward to seeing many of my flags and banners at your favorite festival, thank you for your order and let your 'Festival Flags Fly!'"

About Music Festival Flags

Musical Festival Flags was inspired by Louisa's love of live music at one of my favorite music festivals.  My flags and banners are individually hand painted batik art pieces, painted on durable natural fabrics with permanent dyes.


Louisa Streppa at the
Santa Rosa music festival in Railroad Square

Fair Trade

I have been working with the same Bali family for over fifteen years.  I have established fair trade in our partnerships, making these flags and banners a collaboration of love, beauty and fairness for all involved.